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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 15, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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good night from washington, d.c. and i'll see you on gretawire all weekend long. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." have the belgians finally figured out how to get hard to reach loose change out of the pockets? some say yes, and others say they have a long way to go. and does the president want to force every american to prank call steve dues see's house? >> not only is it good for the economy, but it is the right thing to do. >> and finally what do adorable baby lion cubs think of obamacare? the question the lame stream media didn't even ask. none of these stories on "red eye." >> now let's welcome our guests. she is so sweet just looking at her will increase your risk for type 2 diabetes 74%.
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tv's andy levy, his valentine was what he created from mass effect. i imagine that is a video game and i imagine andy crying later. and he is so british he sleeps in a double-decker bus. michael kay, the former minister of defense. glad you shaved. and he is funnier than a mime choking himself to death. tom shillue. he will be on tour across the united states of america. with the great jim gaffigan next month. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. hey, greg, do you think elton john was thinking about you when he wrote "tiny dancer"? >> is sochi too slushy? and are olympian brains too mushy? it is dye -- day 73 of --
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>> winter olympians are sseaking out on climate change. more than a hundred athletes, 100, tom, lead by americans have signed a petition asking countries to reduce carbon dye jokes side -- carbon dioxide emissions. temps have reached the 60s and the lack of snow had snowboarders and skiers. quote, the once consistent winters i saw as a young kid are no more. especially near my home in vermont. well that's science. anyway, let's take a look at some of the exciting highlights from this friday.
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>> that's amazing. i guess global warming has had an effect on sochi. here is the thing that bugs me. the rise in temperature if global warming is true is a degree which would save lives globally. aren't these athletes being especially selfish because they are worried how global warming affects their sport? >> exactly. the summer olympians will say let's make it longer so we can be in the pool all summer. the guy from vermont said when i was a kid the winters were so long. they were end less. that's what it is like being a kid. remember when the winters felt like they were nine months long. >> the snow was so high. you were so short. >> olympic athletes are so smart about everything.
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they spent their who going literally in a circle. shaun white, the guy is cool, but his whole life experience is this. that's all. >> that's everything he knows going in a u-shape. >> i want a screen saver of you doing that. or maybe you can come over my house as i am about to go to bed. at the edge of the bed do the strange gargoyle. sochi is one of the southern most places in russia. there are palm trees there. it is kind of warmer. shouldn't they be complaining where it is held and not the weather? >> what you are looking 4thof july, greg, -- what you are looking for is it is subtropical. it is the warmest location of the winter olympics. the average temperature never drops below freezing. it is subtropical.
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what do people expect? if we are going to look at this in terms of global warming, let's look at the low lar -- polar vor tees. new york had the old oldest temperature. i am not convinced that a few olympians in a subtropical area worried about global warming is going to persuade anybody. >> i am impressed that you came highly prepared, mikey. >> i have done my research. don't ask me to spell research. >> i won't. joanne, tinder is a hookup application. i believe that's what it is short for. it is huge in the olympics because you have these young and attractive people all-around each other with nothing else to do but this weird sport and have sex. are you surprised by this? >> i am not surprised. i don't think anyone is really
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surprised. you have fit, good looking athletes wanting to get together in their downtime. like you said, there is nothing else for them to do. i had friends who worked for the olympics and i won't disclose who because i don't want them to lose their job. they said it is a big party for these olympians when they are there. >> it wasn't mitt romney, was it? >> no. some of these olympians don't even care about medaling. like me at miss usa. i am just so happy i got here, and they just want to have a good time. >> i want to commend you. it only took you 45 seconds to announce you were miss usa. >> i am just nervous that people are going to forget. >> it is a nice humble brag. >> if i am not beautiful, i am humble. >> a humble brag. i like that. >> i just made that up. >> it is a term i just made up. >> andy, do you think some athletes are doing better than
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others? are people trying to hookup with the curlers? >> the big tradition in curling is after the match what you do is drink. it is tradition. so they are already drunk. >> i had no idea. >> also have you seen the russian women's curling team? >> he has been going on about these russian curlers. >> unbelievable. >> the british team also had hot women and the norwegian men's team with the pants. >> you compared british women to russian women. >> i don't think i did. >> do you have something against russian women? >> no, i love them all. >> the tinder thing is not a surprise, but i hope the gay athletes are not using grinder because it is probably being monitored by the fsb. they have to be careful. as far as the climate change thing goes i care as much about what athletes think about climate change as actors care about climate change. shut up and luge. >> there are a lot of things
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wrong with the olympics. they are too frequent. they went once every four years and divided it up. there are too many sports and it is basically the x games now. >> too much television. >> too much tv. the coverage is everywhere. having them every four years was fine when it was ancient rome. let's go to the olympics. now it is all over our tv's. i think we are all sick of it. >> sorry, but i personally think that the more people on tv wearing spandex with great bodies looking fantastic, the better. >> i don't want them in spandex. i don't want them wearing anything. that's the way it started. at the olympics they were all naked. >> they will get away with it in sochi. it is so warm. >> that's true. >> an athlete trains for a decade and that is on par with a bieber dui. it is the same kind of news. you have to compete with it and that's why no one cares.
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>> for me the problem is once you became where it wasn't all amateurs it killed the whole thing. everybody is talking about the miracle on ice. >> the beauty of that was it was american amateurs. it was the scrappy kids. if the americans beat the russian team now, it is cool, but it is not the same thing. >> can we get back to talking about what michael phelps had for breakfast and that's fun. 13 eggs? that's impressive. >> i'm board. do guys have eyes for "si"? they unveiled the 50th cover for the swimsuit issue and it is as sexy as it is irrelevant. the models or as i like to call them, saturday, pose topless with their backs and butts pointing at the camera. it is disgusting. the new issue is thought to be the only place anywhere men can see pictures of sexy
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women. it is true. mattel is joining in on the dpun. on the fun. they have a bathing suit-clad barbie as part of a campaign called unapologetic. feminists have said that the doll gives girls an unrealistic body image. and barbie represents that women have choices. we have some bloopers from the swimsuit edition photo shoot. >> well, i guess that's fun somewhere in america. people are laughing at that. as somebody who has done swimsuit competitions can you rate this models and please be harsh? >> they look amazing on that cover. they are so excited for it.
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it is like, i don't know, wining a grammy for a swimmer to be on the cover. >> they were surprised by the photographer. oh, who is that over our shoulder? >> that was great acting too. they have a lot of talent. they are beautiful, but they were still air brushed i'm sure. they need it to be perfect to sell magazines. i applaud them and i applaud the magazine, 50 years. anyone can go on-line. so the fact they are still publishing issues is great. >> the 50th anniversary they should have had 50-year-old models. you know what, they would never do that. >> i don't believe you really think that. >> i thought you were going to say they should have had 50 models. >> those 50-year-old models look great. >> they are amazing. >> taking care of themselves. >> that's a lie.
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>> why? >> come on. if you research the story it talks about the way the three models have to shear the front page -- share the front page. one of the remarks was we actually really love each other. so they are saying how much they enjoy it. so i was thinking it is like the "red eye" guest panel where you really want to come on by yourself and have that full 45 minutes just with you guys. >> none of us feel that way. >> i'm content and fine with that. >> i commend you to be the first guest to use the word troyka. >> that's what it is. >> i don't know what that is. >> what do you make of the barbie campaign? >> for sports illustrated to put him in a bathing suit is
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awful and it is unapologetic. >> i don't really get this one. i guess if you are getting hit forgiving girls a bad body image and your slogan is unapologetic, then a swimsuit esh you is a perfect place to be. >> the animosity makes no sense. it has no uh nect -- affect on your actual life. barbie doesn't beat you up and call your name. it is an object. >> tom you had mental problems and you killed all of those drifters in the 90s. >> and you kept calling them barbies. >> i agree with you. it is they qifl lept of playing with green -- equivalent of playing with green army men. i am not this big. tom, continue. >> hang on.
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i didn't mean to interrupt you. you now import young lads from thailand and force them to paint their bodies green and worship you. i think playing with these army men did affect you. >> if i imported anyone it would not be ties. i don't know what that means. >> they always complain that barbie gives girls bad body image. you know who gives them bad body image? the girls themselves. there are sticks coming out of them. 24r* is a torso -- there is a torso, draw it. >> i thought you were going to say you know what gives them a bad body image? me. >> what is worse is when they bring them to life. >> barbie looks fine. she looks like a woman. look at barbie. to me that looks like a m
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would. >> hang on. can i bring in the lovely lady? do you really think barbie and her three-inch waist looks like a woman? >> it is shrinkingen down. >> it is a scale, not to scale. >> is there a barbie doll here? >> i think i am the closest thing you have. >> i used to play with barbie dolls as a little child. i know that kind of thing. i am over it now, and that thing is not reminiscent of what a real woman looks like. >> did you when you first went out on a date say oh my god, you are not like the tiny doll i played with. >> i was so happy to be on a date it didn't figure. >> i only date short women because of that. i wanted it as close as i can get. >> all right. i don't play with barbie dolls since ient accidentally fell on -- since i accidentally fell on one and fell on one.
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they didn't believe a single word. but i did fall. it was one of those one in a million falls. >> greg, what is it tonight? >> they have a shelf for everything i have fallen on. we can't do the extra story? rulers, simple tools for measuring things or sacred symbols of devil worshipers. our 10-part series starts on monday check that out. is porn addiction a myth? according to porn hub, yes. i go there for all of my myth busting facts.
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will a plastic spoon make her swoon? it is day 34 of -- on valentine's day, aka, the most important day of the year, a mcdonalds in tampa bay offered love birds an opportunity to, quote, create your own mcmemories. the location turned into a sit down restaurant with candles, tabletop flowers and counter employees offering table service and free refills. speaking of sexy, the fox news poll found that they thought it was important to pick a valentine who shares your politics. let's see what happens when a democrat tries to date a republican or vice-versa.
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>> that was cute. i was hoping they were going to die, but instead i'm glad they lived. they looked so adorable. >> i liked the soundtrack talking about boris yeltsin. where do we find these videos ? >> i don't know. i guess romance really is dead , much like the women you killed in the 90s. >> listen, veapped is a rid -- valentine's day is a ridiculous holiday. my children celebrate. they went to school and gave valentine's. i gave my daughter's valentines and we have a box at home. otherwise it is foolishness. >> what is wrong with foolishness? >> it is another day to put pressure on couples and single people and it is silliness. listen, when i was a young mandating i leaked to take a woman out to a restaurant and get a bottle of wine.
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you can't even get a table! >> that's jo to make reservations. >> i'm a walk in guy. >> you walk in with a cigar. you throw your porch -- poncho over. is this appleby's? how long is the wait? can you give me one of those things that buzzes while i wait outside? oh wait. that's the out back. mikey, you are here as well. what do you think of the mcdonalds? it is nice, fast, convenient, cheap. they are helping people out. no reservations. >> if you didn't go to mcdonalds, greg, you may be a bit taller, that's all i will say. >> wow. >> a bit harsh. >> i don't think you are sorry, tall person. >> the only mcmemory i get is if i took it within 300 miles is a head butt. so probably not a good idea. >> is that a form of meat?
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>> in your world. >> you know what a head butt is. >> a head fan knee? but i want to get back to the study. this study talks about the politics. it is 1,006 people. 1,006 people which is representative of 330 million of america. my mathematics say that is .00003% of the u.s. population. that's how credible it is. >> the study is more than that. >> that's how they do nielsen ratings. >> mcdonalds is millions and billions served. i guess you can take a few more. >> you know what was wrong
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with this study? did you look at the poll results? they asked a series of political questions before they got to the romance question. and then people said yeah, yeah, i wouldn't be cool with someone who was -- if they asked a sear rice of romance questions -- a series of romance questions, do you like walks on the beach? yes. would you date somebody of another political -- oh yeah if they were -- >> are you creepy when you are romantic. >> if all people were that creepy -- >> joanne, what do you make of this? you strike me as an a political person. >> i'm a everything. i just like to be different. i think veapped is nice and -- valentine's day is nice and it is great to spend time with someone you love. you don't get off, guys for one day. you have to bring it all year-round. >> what are you doing tonight?
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i am going to a party with a lot of single people at my gay friend's apartment. i am not finding anyone there. >> good luck with that one. >> it is great for the economy. i support our economy. any excuse to eat chocolate. >> that's not a euphemism. >> valentine's day on some websites is german. andy, valentine's day is your favorite hole day. in -- hole day. you asked for the day off. why do you like valentine's day? >> i think it is the dumbest thing in the world, greg of i don't know where you get your information. i think spending valentine's day at mcdonalds is giving them the exact amount of respect they deserve. that's where should you go is mcdonalds because that's all it is worth. >> are you currently single?
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>> i think mcdonalds is doing a great thing. mcdonalds is for a lot of people a fun place to go. especially if you are young. if you are a teenager. >> i get a happy meal. what is this person doing with the child? >> these new mcdonalds with the nice furniture and the nice lighting, they are good now. >> it is a cafe. >> the fast-food industry is actually a $240 billion industry. >> somebody went to facts .org. >> thanks, lou. >> i am just adding a bit of substance. there is nothing wrong with that. >> you have to watch "red eye" there is month substance. it is a fill in the blank dollar industry.
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everybody has that talking point. they have a it's a blank, blank, blank industry. >> now i don't have to say anything else. >> no. >> we have to move on. coming up tomorrow, unless we get hit by a meteor and then it is not happening. should facebook make room for people who are gender fluid? gender fluid sounds like a pretty good band name or sexy sports drink.
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is john wayne on the wain? they thanked the feminism and gay rights activism and f nu yu -- funyons. they say american men measured themselves against the stoic hero who offers women a shoulder to cry on. they take on the traditional female roles like care taking and cleaning. once i called them too stressful and, quote, they are looking for alternative models of masculine tee. who isn't? tom i go to you first. >> i heard this before at the death of the masculine man.
12:32 am
you are stoic but in a do -- demented, creepy, goofy way. your emotions are often not matched to your expressions like when you a angry you are happy. it is very strange. anyway, answer whatever question. >> it is funny. i was looking at your description of the classic american male. i think i am more masculine than those john waynes. these men who offer their shoulder? i just say stop crying, woman. take a handkercheif. >> and fe don't stop crying he chops off their arm. >> i feel like i am very masculine. you are right. you struck upon something. i am a real man's man. the world streets me like i am not. i have a manly -- i have a john wayne song playing in my head.
12:33 am
i know when joanne looks at me she hears -- that's so true. there is a weird conflict between your internal feelings and your exter national expression. joe app, are you -- joanne are you bothered by the fact there are less manly men out there? >> the metro sexuals are just the ones i always go to who then never work out maybe i should go to the manly men. i think women want a manly man when it counts. that's when she wants a man to fight for her. if you are at a bar, if somebody is being a douche. can i say that? >> you did. you want a man who will fight or who will fight to help you pursue or fulfill your dreams in that manner and will support you when you need to and will pick you up if you break your leg.
12:34 am
>> sounds like a lot of work. >> it is hipocritical. you might not get that from a beta male. by the way, a woman expects you to fight, that's a problem. they don't like you being that way until they are in a bar and get in an argument with another girl. you are sitting in a bar and there is a fight going on. you have to stand up to me. don't get me involved. people have knives now a days. >> i am 6 foot 6 and 230 pounds. >> how tall are you? do you want to tell us one more time? >> i am taller than greg. >> so is 95% of the world. >> and i am heavier than greg. the last thing in the world i want to do -- yes, i could put somebody on the floor because i am a big lad, but now a days
12:35 am
people have knives and pistols. >> and they will attack me with them and you need to protect me. >> so i will enter the diplomacy and then walk away. >> i have seen that happen with you. you are really good at that. >> i am an expert. >> you are the trend setter and the move away from masculine tee. >> i have a watch with a dial around it that turns. >> i didn't i didn't want it to get off center. >> this is both -- can't this be a good and bad thing? >> yes. >> obviously we make -- you may lose the stoic guy, but
12:36 am
you may lose the richie incognito. richie incognito is a horrible person. that's part of the large kind -- >> is he that horrible? >> the report came out. >> look, we always talk about how men die much younger than women do. maybe we will stop doing that. the reason i think there are less stoic men it is the opposite of expressing yourself. we now live -- we champion identity over achievement. it is who you are as opposed to what you do. if you need to express yourself stoicism is gone. you can't bestow wick. >> and there is nothing to do. menussed to say i am going to do that. but they don't need to do anything. >> we have to move with society. anybody see dale hanson's piece when he talked about
12:37 am
michaelsoms and celebrating difference? it is hard to celebrate difference and move with the times than to stay in 1950 in your poncho and your appleby's restaurant. >> i love a poncho and an a appleby's. >> don't knock it until you try it. this week facebook offered a customizable option. people people can identify their gender with him, her or them. options are transgender, gender fluid, intersect, neither, trans person, gender variant and extra crispy. i wonder if facebook wants to allow people to express their genuine authentic selves and they want to express their whole selves. >> they want to express their genuine authentic selves.
12:38 am
>> he is reading my mind. >> so what. people can say whatever they want. is 40 too much? >> it may be a little too much. can you clearly define yourself? i get overwhelmed when i have options. >> i always get the same thing. >> especially if it is a buffet. >> there is no option for you which is sad man who hates everything. >> you can put me undercis mail. >> what? >> when he said something he said you have two minutes and i didn't hear a single thing you head. >> you have a small minority
12:39 am
of people who by logically and psychologically don't identify with male or female. we can make jokes and call them crazy and call them ridiculous and say cool, it is your life. we will pay the courtesey of calling you whatever you want. stats show 41 of transgender people attempt suicide. i am going take a guess that part of it is they are not accepted into society. if i can do something that takes no effort and make it less likely they will die it is an easy choice. >> i agree with you on everything but one should not choose an option so later you express outrage if people don't know it. a you lot of -- a lot of people say you don't know the terms.
12:40 am
>> this is another genius move by facebook. it is referring to personal identity. it is having an identity where people can relate to you and see you on-line. it is feeling slightly important. it is not knowing 50 types of gender. it is relaying what you want to. >> and if you are single and available it probably helps you find the people you are interested right, tom? >> it may surprise you. >> when they have the drop down mail is at the top. i don't want to scroll down and find it. >> this is afghanistan and stop pretending we are another country. are you aware if you type the first number it jumps to that? you didn't know you could do that.
12:41 am
>> i shouldn't have to -- >> i think you should go to the united states instead of typing u. >> i type u, but i always -- >> this is so funny. why do i have to do this? >> how many cars are they moving? put usa at the top. >> i think andronins should be at the top. >> america. >> every time i do a transaction. >> in new york it is the fifth or 6th n. >> these are incredibly serious problems. we have to stake a break. i have a new book. this is the first copy. go to g look at the shiny head in space. come, come, come into greg's
12:42 am
world. floating away like a stuffing that floats. look at this, i will be in 31 cities in 11 days in this thing. g for the entire tour schedule and to see where i am going to be. >> i'm sorry. >> are you the therd guest who had done this this week. >> if i was on monday i would have been the first.
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it is porn addiction real or fiction? that's tonight's subject of -- >> "red eye" debate, 2014 live
12:46 am
from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome to the "red eye" debate center coming to you live. for tonight's "red eye" debate, is porn addiction real? new research claims it is not. the negative effects of triple-x are over blown. watching smut can lead to a better quality of life and improve sexual attitude and lead to sexual desires. they say the idea of porn addiction is by those looking to make money off pseudo treatments. that's a load off my -- mind. anyway. tom, do you agree with this research? >> of course i do. you know what else isn't addictive? addiction. it is a bunch of nonsense. stop doing lug head. shop shoving the cake in your mouth and shooting things in your vein, you fool. >> i'm glad i am along then@ path of you.
12:47 am
if you can throw the object out it is a sickness and not a disease. do you understand me? joanne, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? >> while it may not be an addiction, but people develop a dependence. if it is creating -- it has to do with brain chemistry and hormones. men don't have that. for the women who watch porn i guess it affects. but to get those really good feelings and -- okay. stop looking at me like that of the if you want to achieve those feelings do you have to continuously watch porn is my question. >> it is an addiction to novelty. if you see new images you get board, right? >> so you say my porn therapists have been taking me
12:48 am
for a ride the last 15 years? i am not accepting it. >> do you believe it is an uh licks? an addiction? >> i think i have been robbed. >> everyone thinks the porn industry is a $10 billion industry. it is a $1 billion industry and there was a study that went out and they said pornography is an industry where they exswrat rage the size of everything. -- exaggerate the syces -- size of everything. >> it is faucets of porn. >> i love when it gets in my eye. >> it does get in your eye. pour knowing graw fee gets in your eye. >> we talked about this many times. you had to look for your
12:49 am
porn. >> when i was kid you fnd a dead treech and reached inside and there was a playboy in there guaranteed. >> we have to make a super cut of every time that has been said on the show. >> but it is true. when something is easy it is more accessible -- if they had big macs flying through the tubes i i would have 20 a day. the people who reported the porn addiction were more likely to be male and have a nonheterosexual orientation. so basically you have gay men who because of religion feel guilty about being gay and watching porn and then going and saying i have a porn addiction because it makes them feel better about their guilt. >> we have to take a break again. we take a story and superficially take it apart with no conclusion in sight. coming up, alec baldwin is now
12:50 am
on "law and order."
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and friends at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. a new "red eye" returns on monday at 3:00 a.m. eastern
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midnight pacific with john boldin. that was hard to say. i don't know why. >> last story. that's the last story. >> every lonely woman's companion, "law and order svu" is getting sexier. alec baldwin is making an appearance. his first acting gig since msnbc gave him the boot. while the details are being kept secret, the job is sure to receive better ratings than his last one. over the years -- what are you doing? this long-running franchise helped actors build a resume and gave celebrities a chance for a come back. joanne, you are obsessed with this show. why do women love it so much? >> it is empowering. she does a great job. putting people in jail. >> with a past. >> we all have one. >> i really hope that alec baldwin is going to be like a dead body.
12:55 am
>> in the front, yeah. >> those are actors. they are not actual dead bodies. we don't know what role he has. >> shut the front door. >> alec baldwin, is this a good move for him? >> >> he should have come on "red eye." >> we had his brother. that's close enough. >> alec should have come on the show. >> steven. >> he would have -- shus sh. he would have been elevated and on "law and order svu." >> i didn't know it was still go osmght tom, what do you make of this? no matter how great you are as an actor don't you become a bad one on svu? >> i feel bad i didn't cue it up in the 90s. i was a petty thief. they find -- in the first act
12:56 am
they find a thief who didn't do it. >> rut initial suspect. >> -- you are the initial suspect? >> yes. >> and then it goes into the discussion of me thinking i am a manly man. when i watch the show they cut to the cops talking about me and they said how about little lord fondler back there. i thought i was a bad dude. >> you will always be cast as that person. >> in 2001 i played a pharmacist named brad pritchet. and i gave the wrong dosage to somebody and kept the good stuff for myself. but i -- again, it turn i had out to be me. it turned out to be me. >> i believed him. >> are you a great actor. >> he did it in real life, that's why. you actually did that in real life. >> no it was on tv. >> we have to wrap it up.
12:57 am
joanne, always a pleasure. tomorrow or this morning fox and friends. my key k, wopped, andy levy, tom shillue. i am 2ing to look you up. >> yes, i will tweet it. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." disturbing news out of afghanistan as president hamid karzai release 65 afghan prisoners who according to the u.s. military are directly linked to the killing or wounding of 32 coalition soldiers. after more than 12 years and over 2,000 u.s. troop deaths, karzai said afghan policy is of no concern to the united states. >> sphthe afghan judicial authorities decide to release a prisoner, it is of no concern to the u.s. and should be of no co


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